Saturday, April 09, 2011

We have a Piper Down

So anyways...since last blog we've had some things change around here. 1st off I haven't been running :( I have just started this last week. Was asked if I wanted to do Ragnar again so I'm using that as my kick off point. Hopefully I can stick to it and get better. Right now the pace and distance is miserable. I can run 3 miles but I'm at like at a 35-40 min pace, poop. The really bad news is that this winter I've put back on 12 or so pounds, poopity poop!
Our little GIRL joined us almost a month ago! She is adorable. Pretty much how I' thought she'd look ( just like all the others ) except a girl. Our house is full of pink stuff. Liz asks me to go get that pink shirt with the stuff on it, I come back and say, "Which one"?
It won't be long before she's smiling, when that day comes it will be a bigger fight over her than it already is. I'm sure Liz has wanted a girl since like 4 kids ago. She's not out numbered 5 to 1 anymore! We were sure it was never going to happen. We were actually done planning on having more kids after #3 (Owen). Someone else had plans of their own I guess.
I wouldn't trade her for the world. Having girls is a whole different world. Right now in the baby stage its not too much different, but just thinking about whats to come. Before she was born I was always asking Liz questions like:
What do you feed a girl? Am I gonna have to go see all the fairy princess movies now? Do you think she'll like Wonder Woman and Batgirl?
I like to tease Piper when she's screaming or has a big 'ol load in her pants by saying, "Thats not very lady like."
Here is just a short video clip of a couple pictures. I put it to some music from Keith Urban's new song "without you", ahhhhh.

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