Monday, November 01, 2010

Kinda tired

...and I'm spent!
The running season is officially over for the year. I ran alot of miles this year.
4-5k races, 2-10k races, half marathon and a 24 hour relay race.
Redeemed myself at the 2nd annual Keith Young 5k. Set a personal best at the Pony express 5k and achieved a goal on the halloween half.
Here is a little bit I'll look back and be happy about it. Right now I'm banged up! Running for 2 hours/13 miles then started working on our basement has crippled me. I can barely walk. I got beat up alot this year. And maybe thats what I'm not happy about.
The rib injury at the begining of the season, re-injury at Ragnar, the wieght gain after Dirty Dash,the wounded duck after Halloween.
I guess I did fight back after each one. But man it was tough. I'm looking back at the first year I started this, it was tuff, but at the end it was kinda fun. It was something to look forward to. I had motivation to better myself for this year. I did that. Now looking onto next year I'm thinking, "Really, do I want to do this again?"
What about setting a goal for a FULL marathon? Don't think I'll take that challenge just yet. Not sure if I will actually. That would be 4 hours of non-stop running. I have thought about it tho. Seen a couple in Southern California that would be alot easier than here in Utah. My body is just not built for it. I don't have the correct form, too old to learn it. My vertabrae are too short, my veins too thick, my heart too slow and my lungs soo small.
I think I'll do the races I did this year again if it comes up. Will I strive to beat this years time next year, who knows?
One thing that will keep me doing this, and I think what has, is that I'm running with family. This year I did 4 races with Shiree, Jamie was there on 4, Nathan 3, Chad 2, Matt 2 and most of us at the Memorial run.
Thanks to family and a supportive wife. I'm sure Liz and the boys are ready for me to be done also.
Oliver-"Ah, why do you always have to go running?"
Me- "So I don't die."
Oliver- "Ah,Why do you always have to die?"
Me - "Cuz I'm fat and slow."
Oliver - "Ah,why are you fat and slow?"
Me- "Cuz I eat too much donuts & drink too much soda."
Oliver - Ah, why....ect
Maybe next year I'll put more emphasis on having fun instead of competition? Its just staying in shape part, the actual running preparing for races isn't fun. Trail runs are cool, need to do more of them.
Not sure what else to blog about. Might do some when the basement gets a makeover, or when the little one arrives.