Saturday, April 30, 2011

If the shoe fits......

I was thinking of some sort of prophetic,prolific or higher message to convey about getting new shoes. Instead I got sucked into the Marvel marathon on the FX channel.
Maybe something about an upgrade, out with the old in with the new, the lease on life, new motivation, some crap like that. But I got nothing.
When I first started running in the spring of '09 I had some "tennis shoes" that I used. Everything hurt when I ran. I thought it was because I was overweight and really hadn't ran before. That was true. But also had to do with my shoes. When playing basketball you use basketball shoes, football-football shoes, made sense.
So I got some "running" shoes. That made a huge difference. Right tool for the job. Nothing spectacular, just some basic Asics shoes. They had some gel and good foam for cushioning. Basic shoe for a basic runner.
Well this year has been a struggle so far, with everything, losing weight, running, ect. Feet,legs and back have been hurting. Thought it was because I was chubby again and out of shape. That was true. But maybe it was my shoes too? They say depending on how much you run you should change your shoes accordingly. If you can they say you should change shoes after every run. So when training use one pair of shoes for a run, then your next run use that different pair, and so on. Shoes, like your body need resting periods. A chance to fluff up the cushioning after being impacted from a run.
Well 2 years was my limit I guess. I was saving to get a really good shoe, but needed one now. so again I got a basic shoe. Maybe a little better than basic. Nike outlet store on sale, so not too bad. Nike air Max Moto 6.

I've been on a couple runs so far with them and its a good shoe. It's helped with foot pain already. I've been on a 3 miler and a 5 miler. Feet feel fine, my legs still need to get stronger for farther distance. But I'll rotate with old shoes to keep the new ones still fresh. Maybe that will help?
Just over a month before the running season starts. Starts late this year for me. Probably wont do as many races this year, who knows? Hope the shoes help, hope it gets easier, and hope I can put up decent times this year.
New song this year to get movin' too, "awake & alive" by Skillet.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

We have a Piper Down

So anyways...since last blog we've had some things change around here. 1st off I haven't been running :( I have just started this last week. Was asked if I wanted to do Ragnar again so I'm using that as my kick off point. Hopefully I can stick to it and get better. Right now the pace and distance is miserable. I can run 3 miles but I'm at like at a 35-40 min pace, poop. The really bad news is that this winter I've put back on 12 or so pounds, poopity poop!
Our little GIRL joined us almost a month ago! She is adorable. Pretty much how I' thought she'd look ( just like all the others ) except a girl. Our house is full of pink stuff. Liz asks me to go get that pink shirt with the stuff on it, I come back and say, "Which one"?
It won't be long before she's smiling, when that day comes it will be a bigger fight over her than it already is. I'm sure Liz has wanted a girl since like 4 kids ago. She's not out numbered 5 to 1 anymore! We were sure it was never going to happen. We were actually done planning on having more kids after #3 (Owen). Someone else had plans of their own I guess.
I wouldn't trade her for the world. Having girls is a whole different world. Right now in the baby stage its not too much different, but just thinking about whats to come. Before she was born I was always asking Liz questions like:
What do you feed a girl? Am I gonna have to go see all the fairy princess movies now? Do you think she'll like Wonder Woman and Batgirl?
I like to tease Piper when she's screaming or has a big 'ol load in her pants by saying, "Thats not very lady like."
Here is just a short video clip of a couple pictures. I put it to some music from Keith Urban's new song "without you", ahhhhh.