Thursday, February 28, 2013

Better Sore than Sorry

3 weeks before the 'Big Hiking Trip' and am I ready? Nope :( Do I have my gear? Yep :) I got a new hat, new shoes, new hydro pack, new gloves and was able to save enough in order to pay for it. so thats a pretty big accomplishment, I'm proud of that.
Physically, I have "reasons" not sure if I have an "excuse" why I'm not ready. Sure my foot is still hindrance, but could I have worked harder on it? Yes I could have. I haven't been able to do "impact training" which is running and jumping. And I'm not a very aerobic guy so running is all I've pretty much done. Before Last years hike I lost maybe 5 pounds trying to get in shape, but my legs got strong enough so I wasn't worried about that.
This year I've kinda let myself go. Yeah I got chunky, I have no endurance, my legs are not strong enough. I use my foot as an excuse, but really its just a reason. But I could get down on myself and wallow like I have, blamming my foot for everything, "oh it hurts, I'm tired, I'm sore". Ppppfffftttt, its the onion rings and donuts that slow you down pansy.
But in all seriousness, I made an "itinerary" of things I wanted to do on this trip. And its pretty ambitious. Sometimes when working and I've had to be on a ladder or walk alot of stairs I've been pretty sore that night and the next day. So these hikes are alot like that. Like climbing stairs and ladders, then going back down kinda thing. So thats got me a little worried. What if I'm sidelined after the first hike/day?
Its not like I haven't done anything, I have once in awhile worked out on the elliptical machine and have done my band/resistance stretches, so I won't be a total waste .
I was talking with someone the other day about it, and how I've been the one saying, "lets do this, go here, do that" and am wondering if I've stuck my foot in my mouth? Am I going to be the one holding people back? In talking about it and how excited I am to do this and see all these things I've never seen before; I cam to the conclusion that I will make. I may be sore, I may be hurting and tired, but I'd rather be Sore than Sorry! I'm not going to go all this way, purchase this stuff, miss time with family and dismiss the sacrifice others have made in order to do this trip and especially for me to do this trip.
I am going to take advantage of this opportunity as much as I can. If I have to take my boot that I haven't had to wear in months, if it helps then I'm going to look pathetic, but at least I'll be able to make it. If I have to sit a hike out because "I'm sore, I'm too tired, it hurts" then I'm gonna be sorry. I may miss something great, or miss experiencing something unique. I'll be sorry if I have to hear, "Ah you should have been there."
Who knows, maybe thats what my foot needs? Go until you can't go anymore, then go just a little bit further.
I've been listening to alot of motivation speeches and stuff. Instead of using the time to listen I could have been doing. So that part kinda sucks ;)
I'd rather be sore than sorry!
Lately I always hear that doubt in my head, "What if I can't do it, what if I can't make it, how is that going to look?" But then again, thats just the foot talking. My eyes see the mountain and my spirit says, "But what if you can, what if you do, how is that going to look?"
I guess thats the struggle? Maybe there is a conflict because if I do or I don't, will that determine my overall outcome? If I make it and this trip is awesome and my foot does great will it keep doing great, will I be able to start running, get in shape and be back to normal?
If I fail, if I push and push but risk permanently injuring myself or have a big set back, then what will that do? Will I be discouraged and keep going at my mediocre pace of recovery?
Que Eric Thomas - "I dare you to fail, I dare you. Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going. Your already in pain, your already hurt, get a reward from it. It may last for a minute, an hour, a day or even a year. Eventually it will subside. And something else will take its place."
I'd rather be Sore than Sorry!