Monday, April 27, 2009


...or to put it nicely has Liz does - Beastie Pies. As if for somereason that makes it better?
So this morning the children were being "beasts", so Liz decides to take them out of the house, go for a drive, get the wiggles out or something.
They stop by the office to say,"hi". We go in the back so its not so loud (comunications business, people on the phone). So there running around playing with everything,screaming at eachother, that whole bit. So I say lets go get some lunch, go to a park, get thier wiggles out.
But first we need to make a stop in the restroom. No big deal right? With beasts, wrong!
Owen takes care of business, try to get Oliver to, nope, too busy checking out the bathroom. Let me paint a picture here:
1 stall, 1 urinal, 1 sink. We (3) are in the stall. Owen goes first, while I'm messing with Oliver someone else walks into the restroom to use the urinal. Owen's done, high tails in out of there underneath the door of the stall. He starts running around making fighting noises.
So I'm conscience of him, I look at the floor through the stall, nervous about what he's gonna say, what he's going to do. I see him go up to the back of this "other guy" and hear him make the "punching sound". I see the stranger's feet and body give, immediately followed by a ,"Hey!"
If anyone knows Owen, knows according to him you have a target painted on you at all times. Luckily Owen didn't use his head this time. 90% of the time he comes at you with his largest and strongest object, his head. Its like a hockey check up against the wall when that happens. This stranger was lucky he got away with a play punch to the bum, other wise he coulda fell into the urinal, then the floor.
Sure thats funny as all get up. Unless your the parent of that beast. Its a little embarrasing. Needless to say me and Oliver didn't come out until that guy was gone.
Anyways, anyone looking for some company this summer?

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