Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie ' per

I can't remember but I think at 5-6 months old you can give babies solid foods, well pretty much mush or puree food. Piper fortunately loves it. She really likes sweet potato mixed with gerber's version of rice. The other night I gave her some turkey junk mix with rice. I being fat tried it. Thats the nastiest stuff! Its like what robots would feed humans if they ruled the world in order to keep us alive but didn't really care about our feelings. But she ate that stuff up.
So today Liz was having a REAL sweet potato and decided to give Piper a taste. Well I guess she ate alot of it. Tonight I had the other sweet potato for dinner. I sit down on the floor next to Piper to keep her company. She sees my plate and FREAKS OUT!!! She knew what it was. This baby evolved from just sitting up to crawling,pulling herself up, walking and and doing kung fu in a matter of seconds. So yeah, I shared MY sweet potato with her. I couldn't cut, mash and shovel fast enuff for her. She kept diving, clawing and screaming at me and my plate.
To be fair she screams at me alot. Its not her fault though. I'm slow to recognize what she needs and wants sometimes. I have little patience, I get frustrated with her as she does with me. I think its just because we both want the same thing at the same time so its a battle of wills. We want something to eat, something to drink and go to sleep. I have alot of "Maybe I am not meant for these duties" moments (Nacho Libre reference for those of you who are not inclined).
Luckily most of the time she is an angel. And I swear when she smiles, her eyes twinkle. She has an infectious laugh and you do all you can to make her do it and often. I know every parent says their child is adorable,cute,pretty, ect... But when 100's of other people genuinely tell you, you KNOW. Everywhere we go people always have to stop, have to look at her, have to comment on how gorgeous she is. For crying out loud she really is! I'm amazed, but not really surprised at what me & Liz created. I'm a beast so I sometimes accused Liz of stepping out. All of our kids look pretty much the same, so I always tell her, "they are either all mine, or all someone else's".
We all call her Pie, short for Piper I guess. Having a little girl is a whole new ball game compared to having 4 boys. She's just so much more delicate and precious. She's rare, which makes her that more special. I don't know what I'm gonna do when she gets older? Am I gonna be too overprotective that she hates me? Or give her everything she wants, and everyone else hates me? Either way I'm doomed right?
Maybe everything will be hunky dory in order to make up for all the damage the previous kids will do, who knows? Its all part of the adventure I guess.

And now sad that its all gone....

I made a video a couple weeks after she was born. Thought I'd better make a newer one now thats she's 6 months old, sheesh. Here is the new one.