Sunday, June 05, 2011

Edge Of Glory

We are a week away from the 3rd annual Keith Young Memorial 5k race. Would I like another month to prepare? Sure I would. Would I like to be 12-15 pounds lighter? You betchya. Would I like to be meaner, leaner, faster? Without a doubt.
I'm not these things this year. Not sure what happened. Thought I could figure it out, haven't yet.
"It's not about winning a game, it's about fixing whats broken". You see that on the wall in almost every episode of "The Biggest Loser". I'm trying to figure it out. I can tell myself all the motivational crap there is. But its just not working.

I've been on a couple decent runs where I think I've got it figured out. where I've made it and thought to myself, "This is it. I've pushed through that threshold. It gets easier from here on out." Next time I go out, I come up short, slow, weak and depressed. I haven't had the time and opportunity to run as much as I'd like, but even then I find myself thinking if I would have used those opportunities anyways if I had?
Right now I believe I can make it the 3.1 miles needed, but I'm at between 27-30 minutes. Far cry from last years best of 21:30 mins 5k and 13 mile half marathon at seasons end.
Won't be doing Ragnar this year either. Was hoping too, hoping it would motivate me or maybe I would suprise myself by doing well or something. Not sure whats next. Alot going on this summer with kids and new baby. Plus races are expensive. Maybe save up and get on a team for the Red Rock Relay in September or something. The RRR is like Ragnar (long relay race) except for down south in the Cedar City/St.George Area.
I'm hoping for 3 practice runs this week, get stronger/faster without wearing myself out. On kind of an edge it seems. Push it and win or push it and fail. Take it easy and win with rest, or lose with being too rested or something.
Either way, one good thing to look forward to is seeing family n friends, but most importanlty - race day Mohawk!!!!!