Friday, December 19, 2008

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

So we took the boys to the mall to see Santa a bit ago. PK is now very adult-like about Christmas. He's ditched a little of the selfish, it's-all-about-me attitude and has been understanding the years when we've told him it's not going to be a huge Christmas. He sat next to Santa and had a nice little chat with him.

Benjamin went right up to Santa and started spouting off his mile-long list which was much longer than the list he told us 10 minutes prior. One of the things he asked for was a back scratcher, so Santa in turn, scratched his back, which I thought was very cute.

Owen, who is still having issues with potty-training, and has been getting in big trouble for it because he is now 5(!), decided he didn't want to go see Santa because he was in trouble. This was our conversation:

Mommy: You excited to go see Santa tonight Owen?
Owen: No, I don't want to see Santa
Mommy: Why not? Don't you want to tell him what you want?
Owen: No.
Mommy: Why? Is it because you know you're in trouble?
Owen: Ya.
Mommy: Well maybe you could tell Santa that you're going to try harder to poop in the potty
and ask him nicely for what you want.
Owen: No. Just you.
Mommy: What do you mean just me? You want me to talk to Santa?
Owen: No. Just you get me what I want.
Mommy: Nice try buddy. You have better luck talking to Santa. He's not the one who has to
wash out your underwear.

He decided by the time we got to the mall the he was excited to talk to him.

Oliver, as beastly as he may be at times, did nothing more than sit on Santa's lap and wish him a Merry Christmas. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of Christmas yet, but it sure is fun to watch him enjoy the decorations and say, "Merry Christmas Mom!" several times a day.


My Christmas came a little early this year and I couldn't be more excited about it! Bruce and I decided that instead of getting each other a bunch of loot, we would rather buy a new kitchen table. Most of you in our family have seen our tiny table that we've had since we first got married. My family can't even fit around it! So we bought a beautiful big table and 8 chairs. I got a little teary eyed at the thought of my whole family, (and even guests!) being able to sit down to dinner together. Thank you Santa!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oklahoma, OK!

Hey all! Look who learned how to blog! Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Bruce and I had the chance to go on a quick trip this weekend. He had to drive Wayne's car down to Oklahoma City and I got to go with him. (Thanks Nathan) And the best part was we got to go by ourselves, no kids! (Thanks Mom, and April & Mark, and as usual, I'm sorry!) The trip seemed like it would be a little rough, a total of 18 hours of driving, then hop on a plane and fly back home. But when you have time without your kids, you do what you can to make it the time of your life. Well Bruce texted me right before the trip and said "Bad news, the car only has a tape deck." Ooooooh, you've got to be kidding me. We have to drive a third of the way across the country without CD's?? But I am here to tell you that when you're in a jam and desperate for a good mixed tape, no one, and I mean NO ONE rises to the occasion like Bruce. He was so excited to blow the dust off all of his old tapes and gather up a few for the drive. And if any of you know anything about me and Bruce, you know that when we were young'ns, he made me a mixed tape a week. And if there is something I learned from this trip it is that nothing rekindles the flame like bustin' out all the old mixed tapes from 1989, 90, 91 and even a couple from 94!! I mean who else can get away with combining Poison, Kenny G, Bon Jovi, and Elvis all on one tape? I know this should be illegal but Bruce somehow pulled it off. And I'm here 19 years later to tell you that it did the trick! We had a great time in the car listening to them.

But don't worry, the trip wasn't all just bad music from Jr. High. We stopped for a little adventure just outside of Moab at Wilson's Arch and decided to hike it. It doesn't look very high or steep from the bottom but once we got going I had do ditch the flip flops (duh) and hike it barefoot. Once we got to the top I battled my fear of heights to take a few pics.
bruce wilson archbruce w arch 1
liz w arch 2liz w arch
No I'm not moving out into the sun,
are you insane? Just take the picture!
That's right, dead drop off on the other
side of the arch.
no dumping
He wasn't a resident,
so he can do whatever he wants.

We talked, we laughed, Bruce drove, I had a few naps, and of course, as usual, Bruce took pictures of me sleeping in the car with my mouth gaping open, which I will NOT post, thank you very much. I know, he's such a brat.

We stopped in Albuquerque to pay a quick visit to Summer and Roy. Couldn't stay very long but we finally got to see their lovely home and had a nice little visit. We had a good time playing a game with their baby and his stuffed pig, he has never wanted so much as to look at me so I was excited that he let us play with him! After Albuquerque, we stayed the night in Santa Rosa, N.M. Then we drove to Oklahoma City on Sunday where we got on a plane and flew home.

All in all it was a fun trip, although it was short, we got to see some really pretty parts of the country. And they're not kidding when they say "Oklahoma, where the wind goes sweeping down the plains". The trees actually grow sideways there because of all of the wind! It was a very funny sight.

And in closing I have a little anecdote for all of you family members who used to make fun of me for having to pee so often on car trips. For those who don't know, when I was younger and we would drive back and forth between Utah and California, I was the butt of everyone's potty jokes. I was called Madame Pee-pee because I had a "bladder the size of a pea". HA-HA! You are all SO DAMN FUNNY! As soon as Dad would get back on the road, I had to stop again. So everyone said I should write a book called "Bathrooms Across America" and rate the cleanliness of all of the bathrooms that I visit. Well, let me tell you, nothing has really inspired me to do so until I paid a visit to the bathroom in the Oklahoma city airport. 10!! I am a real stickler about using toilet seat covers. If there aren't any, I will cover the seat with toilet paper, or just float above it. Well, these toilets had an electronic toilet seat cover dispenser. The whole seat was wrapped in plastic and when you push a button the plastic rotates out of the back of the toilet to reveal brand new clean plastic! (At least that was what it lead me to believe) It was like a Christmas miracle I tell you!! I think I sat there and pushed the button about 10 times just for the pure funsies of it. (Wasteful, I know) But Oklahoma City Airport, you get a 10! And if I ever find myself so bored that I actually write this book, your toilets are going on the front cover!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Late Halloween '08

Yeah I know the Halloween post is late, yada yada, you wanna fight about it?
Don't have any good stories to tell, just a couple pictures to share.
PK went trick or treating with friends. I took Benjamin,Owen, Oliver and cousin Hyrum around the hood.
It rained just a tiny bit. Made it nice and cool though. Ben & Hyrum were racing from house to house. Owen tried keeping up but fell futher and futher behind. I was with Oliver who was content with every other house since I had to carry him to catch up.
Don't know if its bacause we live in a "young" neighborhood or if its kids these days. Cuz we were only out for an hour or so. Sure the boyz got more than enough candy. Buts thats it. When I was a kid treating, there was never enough. We were out for 3-4 hours. Maybe my boys need to do some squat thrusts or something. Get there stamina up.
Heres a couple pictures of the kids,slide show of PK and a couple videos of PK.

Men in Black (Owen & Oliver)
boyz in black

Freaks n Geeks (Benjamin & PK)
freaks n geeks

Treating bunch (Hyrum,Ben,Owen & Oliver)
trick or treat

PK's Joker

PK trying to be creepy

I almost dressed up. But I do every other night, decided to take the day off.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Way to Gough

Pk had his one art class with Utah Famous artist Brian Kershisnik a couple weeks ago.
Yeah thats right,just getting around to it now!
He didn't really do a full blown artistic movement tutoring.He went over basic sketching and where ideas come from for art.

Brian with the other winners of the contest

There was a funny moment just before the class started. The Museum classroom helper was passing out aprons and materials to the kids. On the apron there is a picture of "Ethnic man". Ethnic Man is a 15ft or so sculpture that I guess is famous for the Museum. Its multi-colored and has an un-distinguished face. The artist created him in homage to all the imigrants or something like that (I should do my homework).
Anyways...the museum helper handed PK his materials and asked, "Have you scene or know the story of Ethnic Man?"
PK says, "Yeah." Points to the wall and says, "Thats my painting right there."
"Well then, you know all about it then."
I asked him if he looked around the room and asked if anyone else already had a painting at the museum. But he didn't. Would've been a cool boasting opportunity!

pk's ethnic man

Brian with PK, maybe looking at a painting of Brian's.

PK applying what he's learned.

Along with the class PK won the family a year membership. We went and saw the Monet exibit. They had other pieces from a bunch of artists. There were a couple Van Goughs which were really cool. There were several sculptures from Rodin (the thinker) that were really cool.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Sahara

Endless Summer

Yeah summer is over! Not that you can tell by the weather. Its still mid-upper 80's with the sun shining. Bring on the clouds,gloom and mid 50's.
We went on one last summer adventure. Some friends invited us to the sand dunes here in Utah (Little Sahara) to do some 4 wheeler riding. It was alot of fun. Of course the kids like riding 4 wheelers all the time (who doesn't?). On Labor day Liz & I went on a good 20 mile ride. The dunes are alot softer & less bumpy.
Back when I was a kid in Wyoming we'd go out to some and sled down them just like snow. PK & Ben did the same thing, except no sled. Just rolled and slid down. They had alot of fun. If I had a change of clothes and liked sand in my ears I would've done the same!
Although this summer came late do to a long winter it made up for it by being hot and dry. Good ridance, hope its late next year!

Can't see them very well but thats PK & Ben rolling down sand mountain. Benjamin waving his his shirt on the left. "Yes we see you, and THIS time its OK."

Owen looking for shade or digging for crabs (wheres the water if this is the beach)

Benjamin says,"Not too big"(he almost tipped over a quad 1/3 that size,couple times)

"No Oliver you can't steer!"

Mess with the Bull, you get the horns! (yeah PK & I almost rolled over too,couple times).

Liz again took all the pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labor Day Weekend '08

Getting with the times!

Most members in Liz's family have blogs. No one in the Harmons do. Probably something to do with not being that interesting, or like me have lazy tendencies, or just don't give a hoot to do one.

Well a cousin asked the other day if we had one, no, not really. Some junk over on myspace for friends. Mostly about movies, comics and humerous antidotes.

This one is for the family. I'm sure everyone wants to know whats going on with the Soggy Bottom Boys. Thus starting the Liz & Bruce Family Blog. Maybe Liz will post here or start her own. We don't have broadband at home so its hard to do anything on the internet. And were not computer litterate. I can't even spell litterate. But you know what I mean (what does that say about your education?).

Anywho, 1st post-Labor Day '08.

We go to my parents home (cabin) in Wyoming every year. We cut wood, eat smores, watch football, pass gas, you know that whole bit. Good times!

We get some play in also, 4 wheeler riding, hiking, stuff like that. A couple miles away is the reservoir (meeks cabin damn). At the bottom on the river side is a "spillway". The retaining wall is usually about 13-15 feet high. We of course jump off it into the year round snow runoff water.

This year PK has vastly improved on his swimming skills so I said, "Your jumpin'!

The height is nothing. Its the freezing water! He's not a great swimmer so the short swim to the side would be his challenge. But he did great. Jumped a couple times, so he had fun and didn't hate me. Next year we go to the Gorge and jump off at least a 30 footer! I did it at his age. Sure theres things wrong with me, but not from jumping (thats what my doctor says).

Heres the Almighty Lumber Jack waiting for my setter.

almighty lumberjack

PK trying not tip the wheel barrel (he did).

pk wheel barrel

Benjamin stacking wood up high (or setting a trap).

ben on wood pile

Owen with cousin Kylie on a 4-wheeler (why doesn't he have a helmet? His head is one)

oliver & kylie

Saturday was great weather. Sunday night storm came in. Then is snowed all morning on Monday.
Great weekend!
Hopefully we post something here once a week. Likely once a month, who knows. Depends on whats or how much is going on.
Halloween is comming up, thats like Christmas at our house (demented children).
Catheralls-add this to your link list or something (tell me how to do the same). And how do you make pictures smaller then the same size? Harmons-get your own.