Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rise and Rise again

There is a Greek saying from a movie I like and have adopted it:
Άνοδος και αυξάνεται και πάλι μέχρι το αρνί γίνεται το λιοντάρι.
Which translates : Rise and Rise again until the lamb becomes the lion.
Every other saying of the same comes from this, "Get up one more time than you fall", "try and try again" ect... I like this, though at times its easier said than done.

I don't make it to church as much as I should, but when I do it seems the lessons are for me. This week was part of The Exodus. Everybody complaining too and about Moses. So they spent a little bit of time on "stop complaining". I won't go into length, but it was something I needed.
I think the biggest thing that help bring me out of my funk was seeing/ remembering others have it worse. I have nothing to complain about!!! Sure its a big deal to me I can't get up and run. But I will be able too. Sure it hurts, but in time it won't. So many others can't get up, others will always have pain. Its time to stop complaining and be greatful its not worse. So things might not turn out the way I want, but at least they'll turn out.
I have 4 weeks to that important race. I did activity this weekend and paid for it. So I know this next week will be hard and slow to try and run, along with the not so great weather. So maybe 3 weeks to train? One week spent on trying to make it the whole 3 miles needed without dying. 2nd week trying to increase speed and improve timing without dying. Maybe not too much in the 3rd week so I have energy at the end to actually race.
"A man must accept his fate, or be destroyed by it." I know I'm not going to do as good as I want or hoped for. But I'm not going to let it swallow me up into a pit of misery & dispair. Do what I can and hope for the best.

I am Spartacus