Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Now what are we supposed to do?

Races so far this year = ONE
3rd annual Keith Young Memorial 5k came and went. I lost, Nathan beat me by like 1 second or something. Missed Ragnar this year, there hasn't been any talk of the diry dash again. I have thought about maybe doing the Bryce Canyon Rim run at the end of August. 5 miler along the top rim of Bryce canyon. Should be a good view, its also a trail run, mostly dirt I think.
I've been running twice since the first of January, how sad is that? I tell myself its the heat, but its not. I just need to start going at night, when its cooler and the baby is asleep or something. Maybe its cuz I'm addicted to soda again? Maybe cuz I eat too many donuts? "Maybe I am not meant for these duties" -Nacho Libre