Friday, October 10, 2008

Way to Gough

Pk had his one art class with Utah Famous artist Brian Kershisnik a couple weeks ago.
Yeah thats right,just getting around to it now!
He didn't really do a full blown artistic movement tutoring.He went over basic sketching and where ideas come from for art.

Brian with the other winners of the contest

There was a funny moment just before the class started. The Museum classroom helper was passing out aprons and materials to the kids. On the apron there is a picture of "Ethnic man". Ethnic Man is a 15ft or so sculpture that I guess is famous for the Museum. Its multi-colored and has an un-distinguished face. The artist created him in homage to all the imigrants or something like that (I should do my homework).
Anyways...the museum helper handed PK his materials and asked, "Have you scene or know the story of Ethnic Man?"
PK says, "Yeah." Points to the wall and says, "Thats my painting right there."
"Well then, you know all about it then."
I asked him if he looked around the room and asked if anyone else already had a painting at the museum. But he didn't. Would've been a cool boasting opportunity!

pk's ethnic man

Brian with PK, maybe looking at a painting of Brian's.

PK applying what he's learned.

Along with the class PK won the family a year membership. We went and saw the Monet exibit. They had other pieces from a bunch of artists. There were a couple Van Goughs which were really cool. There were several sculptures from Rodin (the thinker) that were really cool.