Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Sahara

Endless Summer

Yeah summer is over! Not that you can tell by the weather. Its still mid-upper 80's with the sun shining. Bring on the clouds,gloom and mid 50's.
We went on one last summer adventure. Some friends invited us to the sand dunes here in Utah (Little Sahara) to do some 4 wheeler riding. It was alot of fun. Of course the kids like riding 4 wheelers all the time (who doesn't?). On Labor day Liz & I went on a good 20 mile ride. The dunes are alot softer & less bumpy.
Back when I was a kid in Wyoming we'd go out to some and sled down them just like snow. PK & Ben did the same thing, except no sled. Just rolled and slid down. They had alot of fun. If I had a change of clothes and liked sand in my ears I would've done the same!
Although this summer came late do to a long winter it made up for it by being hot and dry. Good ridance, hope its late next year!

Can't see them very well but thats PK & Ben rolling down sand mountain. Benjamin waving his his shirt on the left. "Yes we see you, and THIS time its OK."

Owen looking for shade or digging for crabs (wheres the water if this is the beach)

Benjamin says,"Not too big"(he almost tipped over a quad 1/3 that size,couple times)

"No Oliver you can't steer!"

Mess with the Bull, you get the horns! (yeah PK & I almost rolled over too,couple times).

Liz again took all the pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labor Day Weekend '08

Getting with the times!

Most members in Liz's family have blogs. No one in the Harmons do. Probably something to do with not being that interesting, or like me have lazy tendencies, or just don't give a hoot to do one.

Well a cousin asked the other day if we had one, no, not really. Some junk over on myspace for friends. Mostly about movies, comics and humerous antidotes.

This one is for the family. I'm sure everyone wants to know whats going on with the Soggy Bottom Boys. Thus starting the Liz & Bruce Family Blog. Maybe Liz will post here or start her own. We don't have broadband at home so its hard to do anything on the internet. And were not computer litterate. I can't even spell litterate. But you know what I mean (what does that say about your education?).

Anywho, 1st post-Labor Day '08.

We go to my parents home (cabin) in Wyoming every year. We cut wood, eat smores, watch football, pass gas, you know that whole bit. Good times!

We get some play in also, 4 wheeler riding, hiking, stuff like that. A couple miles away is the reservoir (meeks cabin damn). At the bottom on the river side is a "spillway". The retaining wall is usually about 13-15 feet high. We of course jump off it into the year round snow runoff water.

This year PK has vastly improved on his swimming skills so I said, "Your jumpin'!

The height is nothing. Its the freezing water! He's not a great swimmer so the short swim to the side would be his challenge. But he did great. Jumped a couple times, so he had fun and didn't hate me. Next year we go to the Gorge and jump off at least a 30 footer! I did it at his age. Sure theres things wrong with me, but not from jumping (thats what my doctor says).

Heres the Almighty Lumber Jack waiting for my setter.

almighty lumberjack

PK trying not tip the wheel barrel (he did).

pk wheel barrel

Benjamin stacking wood up high (or setting a trap).

ben on wood pile

Owen with cousin Kylie on a 4-wheeler (why doesn't he have a helmet? His head is one)

oliver & kylie

Saturday was great weather. Sunday night storm came in. Then is snowed all morning on Monday.
Great weekend!
Hopefully we post something here once a week. Likely once a month, who knows. Depends on whats or how much is going on.
Halloween is comming up, thats like Christmas at our house (demented children).
Catheralls-add this to your link list or something (tell me how to do the same). And how do you make pictures smaller then the same size? Harmons-get your own.