Thursday, March 05, 2009

San Diego

So I went on a short business trip to San Diego this week.
Nothing really to blog or brag about. No interesting stories, nothing of significance. Just something to post I guess to keep this thing going.
Next week Liz & I are going to California for a getaway, so I'll let Liz post about that.
Anywho, last time I was in San diego was back in 94' or something. It was August and like 120 degrees. We went to the beach but it was close due to jelly fish. We did see jets flying around from the bases there.
So I was down there installing some phones systems and training a guy at the same time so he can do future ones there (he's closer).
The weather this time was great! When I landed monday it was a balmy 70 (hot). After ariving down by the marina the wind shifted and cloud cover came in. Turned out nice. Temperature dropped with a cool breeze off the ocean, nice!

Heres a pic from just down the block from 1st install. In the bay next to downtown San Diego.
custom marine
Tuesday a little of the same. Little warmer though. Did a couple installs, took a good chunk of the day so I didn't get to do any site seeing or hit the beach.
Wednesday was a bright sunny day and not too hot. First install was right on the beach. Front yard was a little cove where the seals came to lay out. Still too busy to go up and club one.
I headed out a little early so I could drive the coast. Stopped and took a pic with my phone of a little cove and a tall building next to the beach.
view of 939

Turns out that building was our install. Sweet! The building is an apartment complex, only 1.5 Million for a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Petty cash.
Heres a sweet view from the roof. Wish we had time to go down to the beach and club that baby seal.

939 coast blvd

I know, right! Your feeling for me.
Flying out that night was cool. Some foggy,rain clouds billowed in and created a cool view of the city lights through them and of the coast (no picture).
Flying into a blizzard in SLC was fun too (not for the faint of heart).
Got to my car, and drove home in a blizzard.

car @ SLC airport

Little bit of a contrast. I'm hitting the beach next week though!