Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinkin'.....

Well the summer is gone, hopefully. First weekend of October and its in the 90's still, crazy. On the other hand there is no light left in the evenings. Usually I would welcome this. Me and the sun don't get along very well. But the evenings is the only time I can run. But with kids in school,PK tired of babysitting and all that jazz it gets too late and too dark. Which usually wouldn't matter since last year's running season ended at the begining of September. This year it ends on Halloween. I have nothing until then either, which is bad cuz I'm not motivated. Doing Provo's Halloween Half Marathon. I guess so is over a thousand or more other people. I haven't really ran since The Dirty Dash (Sept 25th).
The Dirty Dash took place at Soldier Hollow in Midway (by Heber). The funnest race by far. Which it really wasn't a race. We didn't go for time. We went for fun. There was a Dash in Boise ID a week prior and had alot of complaints and looked like alot of lines. The UT dash had more people sign up by far. But turned out spectacular! Alot of mud, water, and good running trails. I was worried about the rolling hills. I'm not good at inclines. They are my kryponite. but I did well on them, no problem. Our whole team did great. It was 6.2 miles with some obsticles every mile or so. Very nice. Here is a little video with pictures and vids taken.

Also a link from the Deseret News:
Masquerade Ball Mud Wrestling
After the "Running with the horses" 10k in Wyo I was looking forward to the half marathon. I actually believed I could do it. After the dash I felt great too. For some reason now though I don't. I think its just cuz is still 25 days out. Or preparing for it is gonna stink. I thought preparing for a 5k was tuff, thats easy now. 5k is nothing. 13.1 miles, thats a beast for me. Couple weeks ago I did run 10 miles (my farthest) but it was tuff. While I stopped to stretch and get a drink with about 3 miles left I looked around (for coyotes) and thought, "Wow, cool night air under the moonlight. Too bad I'm running."
The Halloween half should be fairly easy (as runners go). There is 5 miles of good downhill then the other 8 mostly flat. "The other 8", whats up with that, who talks like that? So hopefully on each of the next 3 saturdays I can run 10-12 miles then on the 4th run the full 13 for the race. But in between, like on mondays & wednesdays I've got to run like 7-8 miles. Running 3 miles on monday, wed & saturday were tuff enough. Only at the end of the summer did they feel easyish.
I like the actuall race days and running with family, nothing beats that. Its the training part that stinks. I stink at that stuff. Maybe its cuz I'm sluggish right now. I'm kinda back on my old diet (soda, cake, cookies, chips,burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes, ect...) its a killer! Funny thing is I'll probably be laying in bed tonight eating ice cream, crying and watching the biggest loser.
I just have this feeling I'm gonna put back 20lbs this winter. And have to start all over next spring. I hate starting over. Maybe next year will be more laid back. Last year was seeing if I could do it, this year seeing if I could do better, next year maybe just the fun ones or something. I am gonna miss one thing - race day mohawk!
10k medal

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