Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walking the dog

So how far am I on the P70X? Not far at all, I'm down maybe 1 pound, thats it! But, I have gained strength and endurance in my legs. My schedule doesn't allow me to do much on my own at home. I don't have a treadmill or anything. I have Saturday mornings right now.
Well at work, sometimes in the afternoon we have nothing going on. So Nathan has said lets go running during those times or as we like to call it "take the dog for a walk". Maybe its cuz I'm hairy and ugly? One week we got in 3 runs! Now we started out doing a 2 mile run (thats as far as I could go back in December). Later we did a 3 miler, I was struggling some parts. Then we have this "foothill" run. Its on the bottom of timpanogos unger the "G" in pleasant grove. There are some trails there. So we've run those a couple times. At the halfway mark before turning around there is a little hill called "Molly's hill". Not big mind you, but fairly steep. And for an out of shape dude who has just run 2 miles on the rocky path its daunting. 1st time going up made it halfway, next time a little farther, almost to the top. I'll blame it on the cold, but I couldn't get any air after that last one. I did get some dizziness & blurred vision. But made it the 2 miles back. The next couple runs have been on the streets of pleasant grove near out office. We have one route where we do get some inclines in. One day we stopped at the high school and ran the stairs on the football field stadium. Stairs are tuff, for me at least. The next few days going up stairs were brutal. But I think it helped, will definetly have to do the stairs again to see how I far I'm come. This week we didn't get a chance to go until friday. We did a 3 mile run pretty much on flat pavement. And it wasnt that bad, actually seemed ok. Called that a "donut run". We had donuts earlier that day and needed to run them off. Yesterday (Saturday) I went for a 3 mile run, after getting a text from Nathan rubbing it in that he did the foothill run that morning.
Hopefully we can keep doing afternoon runs for the next couple months until it gets lighter & warmer outside. The baby might be better manageable for the kids too so I can leave her and go running. Why can't I go in the dark? Well there has been several sighting of mountain lions in my area so I'm chicken! Coyotes I think I can handle, as long as there is only one, but cougars will eat my lunch.
Pretty sure I'm going to be doing Las Vegas Ragnar this year too. That will be a good motivation to keep running and get in shape. Its not until November, but I need all that time to prepare anyway. 2010 Wasatch Ragnar kicked my butt. 2010 Halloween half marathon was really tuff to finish. So I think I have to be in at least that good of shape, if not better, I'd like to be better.
I'm looking forward to the Moab trip in March. I'm not as worried as I was before about being in shape. I might not be lighter, but I should have enuff strength & endurance to keep up! This might be my theme for this year:
"I may not be as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was." From a song by Toby Keith, below is an excerpt from it.

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Shiree said...

That's awesome!! Keep up the good work!